Once I seen a survey, And it was like this…If you use Online Platform for business, You will be able to Save 52% of your Money. So, Im presenting Online Marketing Tips for small business to make most of your money.

Namaste Friends,

Today I’m going to show you some interesting ways, that you can follow Anytime. Startups have very great opportunity to reach Global Audience with help of Online Marketing. So…Without losing a moment of Time, Take a deep breath and Let we Start.

Before Showing you ways…I’m sharing some quick knowledge about Online Marketing, Which is important to know. If you know it…You can skip it and go to Steps…directly.

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Quick Knowledge Of Online Marketing

Online[Digital] marketing has 3 parts.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  3. Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • SEO is a journey to understand how Google works. You will Know how Search Engine ranks your site. You will learn about Keyword Analysis, Backlinks, Google Spiders…and much more.
  • SEM is like Advertising and Marketing on Search Engine, like Google. Google Ads is very very important part of SEM. In SEM you will learn how to advertise on Google and more.
  • SMM is Marketing on Social Media. Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Medium, Instagram, Twitter are very popular in Social media. In this you will learn Advertising on Social Media, Marketing Strategies, Branding on Social Media..and more.

Friends, I just shared this because it is pretty important to know in this Blog, we aren’t going to Learn it deeply. I’m going to show you Clear steps. let’s start it.

1st Tip I have for you is..

Make a Basic Website for your business

Website is very very Important for Online marketing. With Website you can do anything of Online Marketing. Website is the place, where you can give Best and Clear knowledge about your Work. You can Show benefit of choosing you, images of your work, feedback of your customers, your contact& more. And Everything is in a single screen! In a single Pic!

Do you have visiting card?Website is the Best visiting Card ever!

You do not need any high-quality website for now, you just need simple website. And making a website is not very big process, and at Local level it has very big Impact.

*Take these 2 steps.*

  1. Purchase Domain and Hosting.
  2. Customize your site.

Yo! It’s done! You will face problems at customizing website, but it can be solved easily with help of customer support , Google and YouTube. Now I’m sharing my 2nd Online Marketing Tips for small business.

Best Way to Learn Online Marketing- Blog

Yes! Blogging is considered as a best way to learn Online Marketing. Blog is like an Article. And you have to write it.

Small Business, Startups and Entrepreneur often has these query, that they have many Updates & Details talk on product. Blog is Solution of that kind of every question. You can write your knowledge on blog. It can be of any type like…About your product, About other’s product, About your Updates, About your service, About something related to your field..Anything!

If you start blogging you will learn everything of Online Marketing. And If you learn Online Marketing…You will easily Fly with your business. You will learn SEO very deeply with blogging. And I believe, You only need 2 things to maintain to be a good blogger-1.Content 2.Consistency.

  • Friends, I’m not showing you How to do, In this Blog I’m telling you What & Why to do. Because If you don’t know Importance…you can never do it.
What is Niche Blogging? Quick knowledge on it. Online marketing tips for small business.

Now I’m Introducing you to Another Hack Tips!

Start Easy E-mail Marketing Campaign

  • Once Neil Patel did a survey..and He found that, 90% of visitors forget about your shop and you, Once they leave your shop.
  • I see another one survey…And it is, 95% of people, checks their E-mails Daily. Not just watch..they also react.

So, E-mail marketing can be a great option to keep your customers and visitors consistent. You just Simply gather E-mails of your visitors. Therefore, you have to Send them Information & Offers via E-mails. Be Active for E-mails. And Introduce them to your offers & everything.

Some Interesting things to Remember before start E-mail Marketing.

  • Be Short and Clear.
  • Be Attractive.
  • Make E-mail Personalize
  • Use words like, Amazing, Ultimate.

My Gift of the Blog

Use the tool like Hubspot, Mailchimp. It is mostly Free&Automatic for you.

Use Instagram and Facebook in this Way

Instagram and Facebook are very popular medium in Youth. Specially it is a medium to share your personal as well.

If we talk about Facebook, Facebook has very great feature for Advertisement called Facebook Ads. It allows you to go in very detail and Target your audience. Facebook has groups also which makes easier to connect your target. If you want to learn about Facebook Ads, you can enter on it.

Instagram is very useful at youth. If you are doing business, For ex.Beauty. You should use Instagram. If your target is youth, you should be on Instagram. I think, this is very famous medium…so I do not need to introduce you much about it. So let’s directly come on What to do?

Social Media Hack!

You have to Ask these Questions to yourself, before starting these Social media. Not only Insta and FB, but All Social Media.

You Have to ask…

Who is my target audience?

For Ex.– My Target Audience are Business Students and Startups.

How i will Help my target audience?

For Ex.– I will Help them to Get more Potential Reach.

Why I’m Using this Social Media Platform?

For Ex.– I’m Using this platform because My target audience is also Using this platform. And this is very nice platform to Share Knowledge about my work.

You have to ask these type of questions… Because you have to be Very Very Clear about your work. Without clarity, you can’t do business.

Make it Sure

  • In your account, type Clear Bio. about your business.
  • Include What, How & Whom in your Bio.
  • Only Get Connected with your Target and Related to your Field.
  • Keep Professional & Personal account different.
  • Use proper Hashtags & Captions in every posts and Tag to right People.

Are you Interested in learning Secret of Communication Skills? If you want, you can!

LinkedIn- Powerpack of Reach

LinkedIn is the Biggest source of Potential Traffic for me. Survey says In This World, Every 3rd Millionaire is using LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a Platform to get connected to your Traffic in very Deep. LinkedIn is very very good platform for B2B Marketing & Business. Other Social Media don’t have most of features that LinkedIn has. In LinkedIn you can meet other business persons. Benefit of LinkedIn is it has only Professional Users.

So, If you have any product ideas or anything, you can share it to other startups and more in LinkedIn. Even you can get Employee with help of LinkedIn. You must be using LinkedIn for B2B reach. I Strongly suggest you to be on LinkedIn, because LinkedIn gives best traffic for Website and Blog. LinkedIn gives very fine Online marketing for startups.

Friends, You have to remember that tips I’ve shared in Insta&Fb section, Because it is working in LinkedIn also!

If you want to know about How to be entrepreneur with No money, you can! Now I’m showing you other cool tips for Online marketing for small business.

Google Platforms- Business, Ads & More

Google My Business is a business platform of Google. It is very Nice Platform to grow small business on Global level. Because Google registers your business and if somebody searches about your business…you may be appeared there.

Google Ads is the best and cheapest platform for Advertisement. You have to follow some tips for Google ads making worker.

Make it sure for Google ads
  • Fill out all available Ad content.
  • Optimize Negative Keywords
  • Use Every Relevant Ad Extension.

If you want to learn more about Google Ads, you should Enter Here.

My Gift Tip– Install App Google Primer from app store. It is the Best & Free app to learn Online Marketing & Business.

If you want to know How to get potential customers, you can check it! Now I’m sharing another Online marketing tips for small business.

Start an Online Shop

If you are thinking to start a business, As a business coach, I will suggest you to create an Online shop and start Online business, instead of Offline.

1st benefit of Online Shop is it is 90% cheaper than traditional Shop. Plus, you are beginner..so You will learn Marketing, Distribution, Selling and Everything with it. It could be great way! With Online Shop, You can reach that people…whom you can’t reach by Traditional.

There are many Platforms for Online Shop like Shopify, Amazon and much more. It has big audience. It gives you Free trial. And they will teach you in detail…How to do these all.

I’ve written a blog on Introduction to Brand Management, if you are interested in it, you can read or listen it!

Earn with Drop Shipping

1st i teach you what is meaning of Drop Shipping with an Example. For Example, Agnes has some Products. She puts her products on Shipping site like Amazon, Alibaba. Now her Products will be shipped by these shipping companies. She just have to get orders and submit products to Shipping site to Transport it! Done!

Drop Shipping is a kind of Online Shop. This kind of Marketing is becoming nice opportunity in now a days. Because it has very low risks, low costs and Good returns. It can be 1 of very effective Online Marketing tips for small business!

Be Growth Hacker with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate is very Deep and Important subject in Online Marketing. 1st I teach you what is the basic concept of Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing A will Marketing B’s Product. And in return B will give some % Of sell to A[Which was marketed by A]. This is The Concept of Affiliate Marketing. You can Either be B or A.

Benefit of Affiliate Marketing is you don’t need to spend money Before Your work is done! That’s why, it is no risk game. You can either give or take some % of products. If you have product, you will give some% and If you are marketer…you will get some %.

There are many networks to find your Affiliate or Merchant. Amazon Affiliates, Ebay…and more. If you want to learn about Offline marketing strategies For startup, you can do!

The best marketing strategy ever: care. online marketing tips for small business by gary.

My Tip of the Week

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a Part of Digital Marketing. It is based on Content. It means, you have to marketing of Content, Content and Content here. Content marketing is also very big Subject of Online Marketing. If you want Your Online Marketing go succeed, You need Content Marketing.

Content is King.

Bill gates

So, If you want Consistent Customer with Nice Knowledge, Start Content Marketing. Produce Best Content, Marketing it best and Sell it best!

So, Friends, It was my Online Marketing Tips for small business: Starter Pack.


  • Start a Website/Blog.
  • E-mail Marketing is very Effective way.
  • You will follow Social Media Hacks that i taught to you.
  • Get Help from Google, Understand Google, It is the best.
  • Drop Shipping can be a Great way.
  • Affiliate Marketing is preferable to all, because of Free earning.

So Friends, it is enough for this week

See you next week!

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