What is Design thinking? What are Basics of it?

How to do design thinking?

Pros-Cons, My tip and To-do list.


Let me tell you a story.

Imagine you& you’re mate are having a dessert shop. There are lot of dessert shops in city and you both realized, you need some creativity to be in game. You’re also both super innovative& creative. So you’ve come up with a million cool features like-Royal cup, Social media Auto share, Candy Chocolate mixture Etc. You’re just about ready to mash all these features.

What’s the best next step to proceed?

  • Test various features before marketing it.[✔]
  • Apply all features and show market that it’s called real dessert.[❌]

You Learnt,

While applying all the features directly, dessert(product) may have lot of problems. It may have problem with taste, quantity, rate Etc. If you make the effort to taste your ideas, you’ll be able to smooth out some of the bad bumps.

I just written this story, because it is a part of design thinking.

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Design thinking is actually Re-design thinking

You already have a plan, you’ve already thought something cool..Now its time to think with different angel. Something innovative and practical. Give yourself space from old thoughts, Observe every small tools of your product, collect data And Re-design your thinking structure.

Design:-Design means you’ve to create/imagine something on paper/mind before you take an action for it.

FAQs to clear vision.

What is Design thinking?

Design thinking means designing your thought process, designing your plan.

It means basically If you’re being practical, creative and solution oriented while thinking, then you’re doing Design thinking.

Why should I do Design thinking?

Whether your Goal is small or big, your thinking process must be in right direction to achieve it. And for that, you should design your thoughts properly.

Design thinking Example

Jethalal thinking to set a new offer in his Mobile& T.v. shop. Before applying new offer, he 1st observes behavior of customers and also gets more data. He prepares for impact of new offer. He realized, its ok to market this offer. And then He markets it.

Whatever Jethalal does here, is Design thinking.

Design thinking image. Make a plan and Design your thinking.

Design thinking basics: applicable at all. Anywhere, Anytime.

Design thinking is a creative work and creativity takes space. You need space from past informations of your mind. So for that, you can take your time to relax. Then, Just don’t forget that you’re thinking something for your future steps.

Now I’m telling you 3 steps, which is common and mostly entire in design thinking. Whether you take it as business skill or communication, You’ve to take these 3 steps to do design thinking.

1. Get Data

Not just get Data, Get New& More Data. Data of what you’re going to do. For e.g. If you’re ice-cream shop owner& you’re thinking about advertise your business. You should have Data of which ice-cream is most selling, at what time you get most customers, which age and gender is your better target..Etc.

2. Select your action acc.to data

Whatever you select, you must answer What, Why, When, Where and How of it. For e.g. I’ve decided to run an advertising poster where girl kid is eating an ice-cream.

So before doing this I ask 5wh-questions,

  • What I’m gonna do?-Run a poster ad on Instagram.
  • Why?-Because my target also uses this platform.
  • When?-I’ll start this from next week bcz winter is about to over.
  • Where?– On Instagram through my account.
  • How?-Through my account because I’ve already settled it well.
3. Observe it is good or bad?

Basically You should observe twice. Once before applying & 2nd after applying. Whatever plan you make, You should see if the End result is really good? Or not.

If you find doubt there, just try it on small level. Wait for its reaction, again make data, think& get feedback. If you’re making everything Simple, then the most chance is you’re on the right track.

Don’t worry to doubt yourself. Doubt is a sign of intelligence.

Now it is about business skills, so I explain with business point of view.

How to do Design thinking for business?

Once you’ve hired a team, even you’re not team..How you tape into your team’s collective creativity& make stuff that works? You might try design thinking. Here Design thinking is used for everything from creating solution from major society issues to redefining established companies in fast changing industries.

As you begin to practice Design thinking, you can fine-tune your team’s creative capacity by focusing on 3 E’s.

  1. Empathy
  2. Expansive thinking
  3. Experimentation

Let’s see about these all swiftly. We actually seen basics, so everything comes up will be familiar. Just business issues will be added here.


1st maintain Empathy. See world from other’s point of view.

Users should always be your #1 focus. Begin every exercise by discussing the people who will use your products or service. If I’m making a new ice-cream cup, it should be glorious in holding& also easy to hold. Because that is what customers will want from cups.

When you take motivation for user’s real needs& feelings, You’ll be driven to create meaningful solutions to actual problems.

Expansive thinking

Now you should check quality of the ideas you brainstormed. As I told in basics, always ask 5wh-questions. Try to see your idea from every angle. If you’re a team, you’re in fortune. Challenge your team to come up with ideas. Basically this thinking big can give you radical new ideas.

Research:- Research shows that a brainstorming session’s productivity tends to decrease when your group is too big, sessions are recorded or people can’t work then on their own 1st.


Now If you select some ideas out of many, its time to experiment in small level. Decide bases on the project how you’d like to prototype. For E.g. You can test a product internally before releasing it to the public, Or release a new service in beta to get feedback from people outside the company before a wide release. Never forget Emotional support& Constructive feedback is very important for you at this stage.

Design thinking and make a business plan. Design thinking-business skills image.

U know what is problem?-We know everything!

I’m sure whatever I taught here, you have already light idea about it before. right? Real milestone is who Apply this. Whenever you do something new or repeat what you’re already doing..You have to remember design thinking. This is business skills as well as general skills.

Practically you won’t know any signs if you haven’t done it. But once you do it& then you apply it on your plan, just look at clarity and confidence! You will feel something better.

Today I taught you accurately and in depth because this will lead you to take an action. And In future you will have query, then you can come and look at this again!

Design thinking Pros and Cons

1st see Pros of this business skills.

Design thinking pros

There are lot of benefits of design and structured thinking! Let’s see some of them.

  • Increase your success probability.
  • Make your team bonding stronger.
  • Clear concept of your product.
  • Increase brainstorming capacity.

Design thinking cons

Basically there is No cons. Because what can be wrong there, if you think right!! But still we see..

  • It may look boring without any Data.
  • If you’re on wrong direction, it may cause lot of difficulties.

So Today, I told you a story, Then we cleared concept through FAQ, We learnt basics of design thinking and then We seen design thinking in Business. Then I told you a query and answer, then we seen Pros and Cons.

My Tip of the Day

Design Sprint

Just like a regular sprint, a design sprint is deliberately fast-paced. This framework can reduce risk of spending a bunch of time on one idea that might not even work.

A design sprint has 5phases: Understand, sketch, decide, prototype and validate.

  1. Understand: You and your team map out the problem you’re trying to solve so that everybody’s on the same page.
  2. Sketch: Brainstorm a broad range of ideas and narrow it down to a select group.
  3. Decide: Once you’ve narrowed ideas down, decide as a team which ideas are actually worth testing.
  4. Prototype: Build only what you need to test your ideas in a very short amount of time.
  5. Validate: See how live users interact with your team’s ideas and hear direct feedback from your target audience.
[Courtesy: Google Primer]

To-Do List

  • Note down everything.
  • Get Data and work on it.
  • Specify ideas in useful and useless.
  • Focus on user at a time.
  • Narrow down best ideas.
  • Use Design Sprint.
  • Test Ideas.

So friends, we learnt Design thinking very nicely today. Today we learnt around 9+ big topics and 23+mini topics. It was really good for me to blog this all.

Next time I will blog on some another business skills.

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Happy working!

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