Business takes a lot of cost. Advertising ,Marketing and production takes a lot of money and time. Is it hard to become entrepreneur with no money? -No, if you know How. Presents,How to become entrepreneur with no money.

Basically it is a game of planning. If you think that im going to show you some steps, then its wrong! Im going to teach you to see like an entrepreneur. So…As i said, it needs a proper planning. Yes i will also show you like steps…but it will be different type. Its a blog to see what can be happen. So be ready!

Namaste friends.

Today we are going to Explore how to Actually become entrepreneur with no money .Let’s learn how to make Plan by ourselves.

1st set a goal,

Goal:- Get most sell in least money.

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Friends, If we see closely [from startups to Big businesses] there are 6 Portions in every business.

  1. Product
  2. Production
  3. Distribution
  4. Marketing
  5. Sales
  6. Finance

So, if we want to become an entrepreneur in no money, we have to Balance all this factors. Because our Goal is to get most sale in least money. For being Honest whole business can never be without spending little money. And for sure, if you are spending too much for start..then you may have mistakes in your Plan. You have to spend very less…but yes Im going to teach you planning..where to spend and where not.

Let’s learn All portions. And it will be answer of How to become entrepreneur with no money.

Tips on Product&Production

Product:- How to choose correctly

  • 1st know that Every Product is a service to make people’s lives more comfortable.
  • So, right Product will make peoples life what?- Comfortable.

So You have to closely see in your industry and Find the Need. You have to Gather Data about it. And for this you should be doing something&something in your field Because you can not Find Needs if you are not doing in that Field. For this you can do Job also. Or you can find other options ,right?

Its a Joke that Peon knows company more than employees and manager. And in some cases its reliable.

So…it wasn’t on particular field its for every fields…You have to find out in your industry. Now lemme share my tips.

My tip:-

  • Choose service/product which’s Supply is less and demand is Big. [Fun is everybody thinks like huh who will do…so 99%fails.]
  • Your product or Service should also Obey trends. For example A coffee shop owner Agnes now also making Dalagona coffee because it is in Trend.
  • In product there is nothing like spend and earn…ya it will be in production. But all im saying is Product should be chosen with Care. Not like..this is cool Let’s do it!


Production should based on small level because you are beginner and testing different products. And you should be able to reach much orders also…because it can be happen also.

My tip:-

  • At start, you can never know perfectly…what to do exactly. So you should never need too much production cost for start.
  • Always start doing on Small bases, and gain experience.
  • If you are ready to spend, you should make a simple website or blog 1st. It is the most important than anything.
  • You should Explore ,How production Cost can be decreased. For this you can take help of Digital Platforms and know…how people are producting same product in awesome ways!

So…friends Im talking about how to become entrepreneur with no money. And we’ve swiftly learnt about product and productions.

Tips On Distribution

Now we are going to learn How to distribute product?

Before distribute we should know Whom to distribute?– To right Need. Again, you have to Find need. We are trying to start business with least money so…You do Not have to create need for now. You just have to fill needs.

What is best distribution?

Which is distributed to right person means right need.

My Tip:-

If you have distribution issues…Affiliate Marketing is best for you. It is superb beneficial. Affiliate marketing means that person will sell your product and in return you will give him percents(%) of your sell, which was sold by him.

  • Keep your cash flow under control.
  • Stop writing and managing orders manually

If you want to know more about it Distribution tips you can Enter from here.

Strategy of distribution. Jack ma's advise on how to become entrepreneur with no money.

An Excellent Example of Distribution skills

Jetha has a Food business. He is expert in Diet&Vegan food. So he has taken a small cabin in town area. He makes his foods and recipe there. Now He tied up with nutritionist. Jetha said to him, “It is hard to make different food for a single person [who is dieting] at home. And therefore they sometime don’t take light and vegan food.

So nutritionist will provide his customer food from himself. And Jetha will provide food to nutritionist. So nutritionist also will be in benefit because his diet plans will work! Now Jetha is providing foods to 9 nutritionists ,3 physiotherapist and 1 vegan parlor also.

  • So, closely What was the cost for it?– A small cabin costs…where he will make his food , Some production and making costs and He has a simple website ,where people can register them and choose their daily menu. Even mostly we can also think option of cabin cost,right?

Its safe to say Jetha became entrepreneur with no money.

Let’s see Marketing portion of this Topic. And topic is How to become entrepreneur with No money.

Tips on Marketing

I appreciate that it is hard to Do Production, Distribution without money. But , Marketing is the part…That you can do with absolutely no money. Only thing you need is Simple website or Blog. And we counted it in production cost.

Marketing will play Big game, if you want to be entrepreneur with no money Because without marketing..who will know that you are in this field?

It is proverb that, Peacock danced in Forest.

Who seen?-Nobody.

Why nobody?-Because nobody knows.

It is said about business, if you don’t know marketing..You should never start a business. I Strongly say this ,1st learn marketing and then start business. If you know basics of marketing before starting business ,You will bang it!

How to do advertising? David Ogilvy advising on how to become enttepreneur with no money.

My tip:-

  • You should Select your Target. Reach to them in a nice way. Share them information about you. Feel them your Importance. That is what you do!
  • Start Digital marketing. In today’s world, if you want to do any business, It is too important.
  • Before starting business learn SEO[search engine optimization] SEM And SMM. These 3 are digital marketing topics and you can learn it for free.
  • Be Active on social media and share about your start-up with consistency.
  • If you want to learn about Offline marketing strategies, you can check out my Blog.
  • Always prefer to use tiny tools. For ex. Spects shop owner gives glass cleaner napkin instead of visiting card. This impacts Superb!
  • You just have to present yourself in that way, that people like you unconsciously.

These are some things, to show you way to doing marketing for Free. My intension was not on particular field…it is for every field. It was overview, now you have to match it with your Field.

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Tips on Sales & Finance

Sales:- Sell properly

If you are thinking, what’s cost in selling? We will earn in selling. Ya it’s true. But ,How you will sell? How you will get most profit? This are some questions…let’s try to get Answer.

Sales is based upon strategies you work. How you balance marketing, distribution and more. It is based upon customer..that how they are liking it. It is Game of presentation.

  • If presentation is good, Content is Cool, then sell. If it is not then not Sell.

My tip:-

  • If you want to sell, always present yourself in a good way.
  • Don’t try to Force sell. Always have patients.
  • You do not need to sell in a big range for start, because You have to try products, which is Best.
  • Try to find connect with different fields. For ex.- Coffee shop owner Agnes sells Food magazine. She has sponsorship of magazine…and she will charge nothing of selling. But in return Magazine will give her advertised poster in last page.

If you want to know how to get potential customers, you can Enter here.

Secret of selling. Get Data of customer. Bloggeraayu's Tips on how to become entrepreneur with no money.


We mean Finance as profit & loss. Guys, Now We are not going to see what is Finance and more…We directly come on what to do.

So our target should be on long term profit. Short term profit are mostly harmful. Always try to vision long and make strategy.

My tip:-

  • Be a Brand. You should start improving today, you will be a brand 1 day. For sure, this will help you on very big level. Mark my words.
  • To learn basics of How to be a Brand Quickly you can enter here.
  • Yes, obviously you should try to stick on your budget plan.
  • For Finance You must know ,Where you have to spend money and where not. And We’ve seen where to spend.
  • If you know this…you have awesome budget plan.

So..Friends, i shared you Tips on every fields to make business less costly. We seen answer of: How to become entrepreneur with no money. And i Hope your vision is more clear now!


  • To be Honest, you can not do business with 0money, but it doesn’t mean you have to spend much…It can be done in 10X cheaper than people are doing. And we’ve seen about it.
  • You have to choose product wisely. Because your cost will be on production. And Marketing and Distribution can be done with No Money.
  • Start Digital Marketing.
  • Do not start production in Big volume for Start.

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So, Friends..It’s done! Don’t forget to comment and share your views and queries. See you next week! Namaste.