Agnes is starting a Business, She don’t have much money to spend. She has limited products. She don’t have even a Single customer. What should she do? Presents, Offline marketing strategies for startup.

Startup for say…

  • Not a big budget on Advertising.
  • Not superb experience. Even don’t have much Customers.
  • Don’t know which product can be successful.
  • Not known in your Industry.

Hey dear brothers and sisters of dear brothers,

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  • In this session we are going to see some Offline Marketing strategies for startup which will be at No cost. No cost for say it will do million dollar advertisement, in very less amount or No amount. Ya it’s absolutely right that’s Digital marketing is best…but for Startup there are Amazing opportunities in Offline and Physical marketing. For sure you should never ignore offline marketing.
  • In this session we are going to see some behind the scenes and A secret…which you will learn you will make awesome Strategies easily. Ya,its not gonna be 7 or 11 steps…its proper and deep analysis for entrepreneur that really want to achieve their goals.

GOAL:- To get most customer reach with least money.


Behind the scene of every marketing strategy is Innovation, Presentation and Usability. Innovative means…if i will see it, i will feel good without any reason. Have you experienced it? When i see McDonalds’ Statue Ronald, i feel good without ant reason. When people see Apple’s Logo…they attract.[History behind Apple’s Logo is also Amazing.]

So…it means you have to find a way which is Innovative ,Attractive and Useful. It is so easy to find…if you know proper way. You need Data for it. Data means Information. Explore how people are doing in your industry in world. Use Social media for it. You should know that what type of marketing you do is very rare in your state.

The best marketing strategy for startup ever :care! quote by Gary Vaynerchuk.

Q. Do you want to reach every people in your city, in you state?

Ans. If you want to reach every people you should know Newspaper also don’t go every home. So 1st target should be who can get direct benefit from you. And there’s only 1 way that people share information about you their selves .That’s best Advertisement. Did you see its Free!

But for these, the basic thing your Product, your brand should be Fine. Survey says, Reason behind 75% of startup’s marketing fails because they have really bad Brand.

Hey, Have you ever noticed ?People use word ‘Google’ often in their conversations. You can call it as a Superb brand.

Let’s see 1st Step to do before making marketing strategies for startup.

Make your brand innovative & attractive :-

Always try to make brand attractive because Presentation plays big game here. For Sure brand includes product, distributions and everything. But Amazing thing is you should work on your Logo, Name ,Tagline…because everything matters.

Survey says, If you have attractive shop and nice environment, there is 1.5x chance that customer will buy. But if you don’t have big shop don’t worry!…in this blog I’ve shared a story how really small shop owner has done Excellent sell.


  • Work on Brand Name. It should be ease read. Either unique or Say clear about your Work. For Example:- Agnes sell coffee .She is Expert in Dalgona coffee. People worry about quality used in coffee. So her brand’s name is Health&Tasty.
  • Never forget to improve Logo. Logo should be clean and easy to see. For Example:- Have you seen Nike‘s Logo?

Do you want to know more about improving brand? you can enter in that blog.

For Tiny Shop owner:-

Tiny shop owner has opportunity to work outside much. They have lot of opportunities that big shop owner don’t have Because they have big workloads on their shops. Only your production and godown will be in shop. Even in Startup small shop is more preferable. I’ve shared some amazing marketing marketing strategies for startup…you will see also benefit there.

  • Tiny shops and tiny steps is more preferable because if you do 100 things and then feel Aww! I’ve done everything wrong. Let’s do it again! This shouldn’t be happen.

Marketing is not just only Advertising.

  • If you’ve done things…now you are ready for booom in marketing. Because now when people come to you…they will really feel good. Now these 7&11 steps is able to work Lol. But I’ve neither 7 nor 11 steps for you. Im gonna teach you how to see infinite possibilities there. Yes, i will going to Share Secret, if you follow it you gonna kill it!

So….friends Let’s see Infinite marketing strategies for startup.

Business has only two functions marketing and innovation. milan kundera on marketing strategies for startup.

Unlimited marketing strategies

Marketing is fast changing industry. There are so many techniques to do, you should choose which is best for you. But if any Blogger or anybody say it..’I can give you surety for 100%’ That’s really not gonna happen. Let me show you…Magic. Because this is not 10 tricks. Im gonna teach you secret for Free! Because actually this is taught in lot of fees.

Let’s see Secret of marketing strategy for business. Don’t worry Im going to show you some Superb marketing examples…which startup followed and succeeded.

SECRET :- Secret behind all marketing & advertising is Let people know about you in nice way. Only this matters! So if you show your business in Amazing way that people feel “Oh yeaa,Its for me.” This is a game of Presentation. Make it sure…you gonna kill it.

Now im telling you about a Common problem..which marketers often feel.

How to know which is right way to advertise my product ?

Fact is You can never know it for sure. But there are many ways to know it which is near to sure.

You should see ,In your city how people are doing innovative to show their product in your industry.

You can see Trends .And knowing trends you can make a practical plan.

But you can learn best from your Experience. From your experience and from other’s experiences.

Let’s see Some Superb marketing strategies for startup… You should connect them to you and learn how i can do there type of work?

Superb Strategies For Startup

I’m going to show you how people used strategies and how they are doing now.

Anna’s Hot Air balloon

Anna had her clothing material shop. In her city its new way to see hot air balloon and people thought it was too costly. But she did her advertise with help of balloon. Instead of balloon she didn’t spent much money. She had done expensive advertising in very low cost and got a big customer reach.

Now she is most famous clothing brand in a state.

Agnes’s Micro Marketing

To advertise her Coffee shop , she tied up with a food magazine. In her area it was only Agnes who sell these Magazine. Cool thing was it was necessary to give tiny poster of her Shop.

Even she always spread a Coffee spray around her Shop at every morning & evening.

Now she is a known brand for her coffee but funny thing is generally people ignore marketing strategy.

Gru’s Growth Hacking

A bicycle shop owner Gru has started do give high quality pocket poster which was related to pollution free transportation.

He also started to give 2nd hand bicycle on rent. He tied up with 5 Physicians ,2 Yoga trainers and 1 gym trainer. Now physicians and trainers afforded their clients bicycles at no cost. And Gru will provide bicycles to these trainers.

Now he is most famous name in bicycle industry and absolutely known for rent bicycle. Now because of big customer reach and many clients , he is able to give awesome discounts sometime.

Other successful campaigns and what they did :-
  • Promoted a local sports team.
  • Tied up with other industry [As Gru did].
  • A playing even with Music class.
  • Free spects cleaning Napkin.
  • Free nice quality quotes, stickers.

This was just examples you don’t need to do same…jest remember that secret which i shared and make a strategy according to area.

advertising brings in the customer but your job is keep them buying from you. chet holmes on marketing strategies for startup.

Remember – Your money shouldn’t be spended much. If you make a strategy which has lot of cost…it has many mistakes for sure. So always remember there are many ways for same work.


  • All marketing campaign gets successful when product is Fine.
  • Presentation plays big game here.
  • Remember a Secret I’ve shared…it’s million dollar cost. You can make infinite strategies with it.

So guys…Its deep practical analysis on marketing strategies for startup. If you really understand it…you gonna kill it!

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Don’t forget to give your opinion and share your strategy we will publish it.