Let’s talk about How to increase Awareness immediately, Doesn’t matter you’re at shop or home!


In last Blog, we talked about how awareness can help you. And I also promised to show some ideas and tricks that you can apply Immediately.

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I don’t know what can be done, what is the best to do..I just tell you what I do or what I’ve done. So today is just a How-to question, so we will go to the point. I give you some ideas to improve awareness and concentration.

The best trick I know is…

Reaction Time Test

There will be 2 balls or a ruler in someone’s hand. And both hands are at 0’angel straight. And then other person’s both hands are on 1st’s hands. 1st will drop ruler/ball from any hand, and other one has to catch it before it Falls down.

I doubt you got what i said or not, so Here is a video of it, Just see 10 secs. You will get what and how to do.

Here is the link [Link will open in new tab for your facility]

Just see and press back once to read.

Here’s an amazing idea for concentration, This will also answer How to increase awareness very easily.

Focus Read

Your Partner/Friend will choose a paragraph or page from any book or paper. You have to read it loudly without any kind of mistakes. Complete that page in a minute. Mark again you don’t have to do any kind of Pronunciation mistake. This will help you with Communication skills also, because it is a practice for communication and Presentation!

You can easily learn how to increase awareness with this.

Breathing Technique

Pranayama is very very impressive way. You can focus on your breath while doing it. I ain’t telling what, why and how of pranayama here because I ain’t expert of it and even you can easily know it in Google.

Another Technique comes in my mind is Not Breathing. Try not to breath till 1 minute. All thought will be disappeared. You don’t even need a minute, you will realize this in just 10 seconds. Then you can start focusing on new things. To understand value of present moment, you can do it in front of customers also..Because nobody will know this, Lol.

Make sure:- Beware with its Pros and Cons. For example, Shitkari Pranayama is prohibited for people with low blood pressure.

I mention another way to increase awareness and concentration.

This image show's how to increase awareness immediately and be live.

Games of Concentration

You can choose any game Like Chess, Sudoku Etc. I like enjoying chess. It improves my planning, risks, concentration Etc. Good thing is It’s not like watching movies or memes, you have to get involved in it and Act yourself. So, It gives pleasure and also it is good for increase awareness.

Start Practicing

You need to repeat again and again all the tricks you know. Not later, Right Now. Do not worry about results, Just start doing what you want to achieve. For Example, If you want great Finance management skill, you need to learn some books& Start working on your skill. This is how you increase awareness.

Once you feel importance of the moment,You’re automatically Aware in the moment.

This was a deep quotation, And I would love to explain and teach very deep, but i think not today. We will talk about it someday. Yes, Other way to know about it is…

My Tip of the Day

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So, Its enough for today, Hope you learnt about How to increase awareness Happy working!


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