By watching current situation, being Self Dependent is only best way to survive. Its time to stay on your own. And that’s why, I’m writing a blog to Help startups. So c’mon friends Let we learn How to grow local business, Practically!

Namaste Friends,

I’m Bloggeraayu nd today I’m gonna show you some tips that you can direct apply on your Startup. So, today let’s make our business and understanding perfect.

Let’s Begin.

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1st Tip I have for you is…

Make Local supply chain Smarter

This is Fine way to grow your local business. See..You are supplying something to somebody? And somebody is supplying you, Right? You just have to do is…You have to provide your product to Right people. This is very very important. Because In this world, there are Enough products and Customers. But there is a Lack of Right products to Right customer.

So you just have to make your supply chain smarter to meet the Need. Start Observing the market properly. You have to observe people..what they want, and how you can fill their need in easy way. Because now you are in Field who has power to Create Market.

Lemme show you another Tip to grow your local business. This will help you to solve production queries

Make a Production Strategy which suits you

Every Local business we can divide is 1.Business of local Specialty 2.Normal Business[Non-specialized by area].

So…If you are doing a business which is Known for that product by your area, then you must have these 3 qualities.

  1. Superb quality product
  2. Nice Marketing technique
  3. Fine customer care service
[We will discuss on marketing techniques very deeply in this blog.]
Find products for your customer as seth godin said .A good lesson for a question of how to grow local business.

If you are doing some normal business at Local level, 1st you should gain experience of different products…which is related to your business. You may take help of Social media also. You have to Explore what other people are doing same things in different ways.

  • For example: Agnes, a coffee shop owner, is providing Dalagona coffee because it is in Trend. And it has boosted her customer traffic around 2x.

Now we are Entering in Marketing section…Let’s see what can we do with Branding and Offline marketing. It will highly Impact our question ‘How to grow local business’.

Present yourself in Amazing way

If you want to grow your local business, this is Really important. What we have to learn from this statement is called Branding. I’m advising you to Improve your Branding skills, it is very Big weapon in this game.

Never think I have small business so…i can’t be a brand at all. No! It is very easy and accurate to be a brand. And every big companies were startup at once.

Mark this 3 steps for your 1st impression. And make sure, it is O.k. in your business

  • Brand Name
  • Your Logo
  • Brand Tagline
[ If you do not know how to use these 3 branding tools, you can click here to know. I’ve written a blog on this 3 tools.]

Improve this 1st…because we know 1st impression is last impression! And for more, you have to maintain your shop’s atmosphere, look ,cleanliness. Even you are local service, you should be in Proper Getup, Nice language and talking…and more. You can feel the importance of presentation by this survey.

Survey says around 80% of customers makes their decision of buying, before entering in the shop.

Don’t spend money with wrong Advertisement

What is wrong advertisement?

Advertisement, which fails to communicate with customers is called wrong kind of advertisement.

For ex. somebody is giving lower quality business cards or advertising on side middle page of news paper…it is mostly wrong!

Actually we do not have to do it, we have much time better option available for it.

What is right advertisement?
advertising quote by David Ogilvy. Answer: how to grow local business

Which advertisement gets succeeded to communicate with people, is called right advertising.

Uniqueness is really working factor for it. Have you seen Mcd’s statue “Ronald McDonald”? We all love him…it is nice example of branding and high quality advertising.

Advertising has benefit that it can be connected easily with other industries as well. For Ex Coffee shop owner Agnes advertise her shop in food magazine. And also she is part time distributor of that magazine.

Do you want to be Expert in Communication in business? I’ve written a blog for you, You should Read it. Whatever we discussed about part of traditional advertising..If you want to know deeply about it, you can read it.

So friends…Let’s see Digital Ways to do same Marketing. Which is booster to grow your local business.

Start a Website/Blog

I highly recommend you to do this. Blog or website is a tool to Enter in Digital Marketing World. You will have a power to target all over world. And in small budget Website is the best for you. It is cheaper to buy and develop as well.

I can call it Best identity card. Because still, in rural area and local area…people feel something Strong, after hearing the word Website. You can distribute your product, you can do marketing, can sell your product and most important, You can give exact knowledge about your work to people. All in just 1 picture.

Friends, again i Highly recommend you to start because i can see its important. Let’s see,

How to start a website?
  1. Get some basic knowledge about it.
  2. Purchase Domain & Hosting.
  3. Developing is easy.
  4. Start!

This will clearly solve your problem named “How to grow local business?” And if you want to know more about starting website..You can check it out Here.

Start Social Media Marketing (SMM) in this way

Social Media platform is a platform which gives you chance to show yourself in many ways. You can show your products in many ways.

1st thing to do on Social media is you have to set your Target audience. Know their age group, gender, profession, their common problems..etc. For example, My target audience is Startups and I will help them to get potential reach.

If you are sure about your target audience then…I’m giving you clear Advise and make sure you are following it.

  • Make your personal & professional profile different.
  • In bio try to be as Clear as possible.
  • Be consistent on social platforms.
  • You have to only get connected who is related to your profession or who is your target audience.
  • Share valuable content on exact time…don’t like oversharing.

Get Help from Google

Google is giving best Education and Facilities to learn & grow business.

You should go to Appstore and install app Google Primer. It is best and easiest app to learn business and Digital Marketing. You can grow your business easily by learning with it. [Even if you want to start website, it will teach you step by step.]

Google my Business gives you an international platform for business. Best benefit of Google business is if you are registered in that, then If somebody searches related to you, they may see your business there!

It is necessary to understand about Google, because your website, your blog or whatever you do..will be on Google.

Google has 90% of Traffic of web searches.

The average person conducts 3-4 searches per day.

Start Drop Shipping

Drop shipping means, you put your products on Ecommerce websites and they will Ship your products. It is the surety to move your local business on World level.

Many websites and companies are doing this, like Amazon, Alibaba. They are biggest example of drop shipping companies. Shopify provides you your Online Store. It is very big opportunity to grow up.

To know more about Drop Shipping, you can enter Here.

Start local distribution, which is easily available

It means, if anybody wants something related to your business, your name should be in available in their mind. Only great distribution and superb branding can make this possible. Make your products easily available for people. Even your products should be known in other startups of your area. So, do proper marketing and advertisement because people must are doing this.

Local distribution will make your work very very easy. Even now you will be able to handle big orders.

Power of Digital Distribution over physical retail outlets is, You have a chance to create a Global audience.

Chad Hurley [co-founder-youtube.]

I’ve given tips on Local distribution and entrepreneurship, you can check it. By improving this, your local business is growing without any doubt.

Customer Caring

Customer caring is extremely beneficial at End. When you are done with your selling, it decides too much about your future sell. If a guy has 10 unsatisfied customers and another guy has only 1 but satisfied Customer…i will say, 2nd guy is more in profit.

You must have Superb Customer Caring Strategy. If you want to grow up your business, you have to feel them. And then? You have to care them.

I’m giving you some basic tips that you have to follow and improve

  • Clear Communication Skill
  • Strategic Automation in Customer Caring
  • Ability to Give Clean Data
  • Always Thank them in Public
Caring is the best marketing strategy ever. Gary Vaynerchuck on how to grow local business.

My Exclusive Tip of the week

Know Your Customers

Knowing your customer is very big mission & opportunity for a Business. People understand its value after many years of business. And it is too late. So be Alert!! And start knowing your customers and audience. Of course, Experience will teach you a lot,

It is not only of a local business it is for all kind of startups and all businesses. Know…

  • What they want from you.
  • What you are providing them.
  • How they are getting benefit of your product.
  • Who has direct benefit of your product.
  • What is your customer’s common problem.

Start Exploring it. You should know all of this things. It will make your business much time easier. You will easily create content, You will easily distribute & marketing your product. So, Make it Sure as soon as possible.


  1. Start a Website/ Blog.
  2. Start Digital Marketing.
  3. Make sure your brand is Innovative & Attractive.[We’ve discussed How to make].
  4. Drop shipping is Great idea!
  5. Know your audience and take care of them.

So….Friends, it is Enough for today, you have learnt practical ways for How to grow local business. If you liked it..Go to comment and type Boom! We will reach to you and support your startup plan.

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HAVE A GOOD DAY! See you next week.