What is target audience: Target audience definition, Example Etc.

How to Target right Audience.

My Tip of the Day and To-Do list.


Let’s start with a story of Decka. Decka is owner of E-shop. He sells men’s& female’s wears online on some shipping sites. He is doing everything Digitally, So he has created an account on Social media also. He posts regularly on his account. In Fact, he posts nice niche with small variety and eye catching theme. Now, He thinks, He should do some Advertising to get better& more customers.

What does he need 1st to achieve his Advertising Goal?

  • Spending More Money[❌].
  • Advertising on Right platform[❌].
  • Deciding Target Audience.[✔].

You Learnt,

Deciding Target Audience should be at 1st place. Once you decide whom will you target, then you can choose Right platforms& start advertising. Spending money at right place for right thing is more important than Spending more money. Actually this is pretty deep process but we just seen it in 2 or 3 lines.

My Motto for this story

My Motto of telling you this story was just to make you Aware with a process called Deciding Target Audience. Because Around 8 out of 10 startups I meet, haven’t decided their Target Audience. So I was just saying this is also important. Let’s start Learning What, When, Why, How Etc.

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Basic FAQ Session: Fundamental Learn

When to Target your Audience?

We can divide Audience/customers in 2 parts.(1)Who comes& reach to you.(2)Whom you reach through Advertising, Marketing or Any other method.

In 2nd part, I mean when you advertise, market your business, Then you need to Target your Audience at the most.

Why I need to Target my Audience?

When you will start marketing, then you will realize, you’re working too much& results are not much as expected. Then you need to figure out another ways to do same work.

Target audience can be a good answer of it. It means you focus on particular sector. It will make your work easier in production and marketing. Also you can get more output.

What is an Example of Target Audience?

Let’s go back with story I told. E-shop owner Decka, Starts focusing on Dog owners and Dog shops. He starts buying& selling T-shirts related to pets. He targets them on Social media also. Now he is consistently selling his wears to them.

How To Target RIGHT Audience?

After knowing about target audience, We understand the value of choosing right audience. Because If you target wrong audience, It could be big waste of time& money. Yes, No doubt you will get Valuable experience. But Its better to learn before doing mistake. So let me tell you a bit about what is right target of audience.

What is Right Target?

As I said, right target of audience is who can get the most benefit from your content& product. So Figure out who can get the most benefit from your product. Doesn’t matter Digital or Traditional, it is the base of Targeting audience.

Research about your Audience’s…

Gender, Hobby, Income, Age, Interests, Social Follows, Profession, Commons choices, Capacity Etc.

Finding problem?- Here it is.

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Now, Let’s go to How to reach them.

Target Audience: How to reach

Because of this problem, we hear these words named Advertising& Marketing. These are mostly process of reaching, attracting and converting into your customers.

Basically I see 2 factors here. 1.Digital 2.Non-Digital.

I will give you some information and then some How-to points. Because I think it will be easy to read. So, let’s start.


It is easier& cheaper to reach Target Audience in Digital way. Many people mistake this, In Digital they only work on Social media. But truth is social media is very less important than Search Engine [Google,Yahoo Etc.]. And I don’t want you to do same mistake.

Once If you know who is your target[Even If you don’t], you can experiment it. I go straight forward& show you some possibilities of doing through points.

Digital marketing and Digital Targeting.

Social Media

  • Decide right platform.[Most important]
  • Choose what will you post because you’ve to be relatable with nice variety.
  • There;s little Math behind use of #Hashtags. Learn it& use it in reaching and finding new audience.
  • Once your page is enough O.k to present to you enough and attractive, You can go with Advertising.

Now I’m linking to Huitsuit Blog. If you want to learn about Social media Advertising, you can learn it Here.


Actually, it is Search Engine. But Google has around 85% of traffic of search engine. So It’s safe to write Google.

  • Must have basic website.
  • In alternative of website, you can make E-shop.
  • Gather some basic knowledge of SEO. Because its about How Google algorithm works, So it will help you to reach more.
  • Google gives you Best facilities to target your audience.
  • There are many tools to marketing in Google, Know about Tools.

Learn about Search Engine’s marketing basics Here.

1st Factor of Targeting audience is completed here. This is beginner’s guide. So, I just want to make base excellent. If you will Google it, you will learn so much about social media targeting, and Google targeting. But It is easy to learn.

When you will start doing, you will get hell lot of difficulties. And then you solve it and will actually learn& grow. Let’s see another factor:Non-Digital.


  • Do production very smartly. You should know for whom this product is.
  • Target small but accurate. Remember Example of Decka.
  • Know common choice of your Audience, and Advertise with it.
  • Avoid using low quality pamphlets or cards. Either use good quality or show them your Digital presentation.
  • Try to be a nice brand. Enter to 3 brand basics for good look.

Non-Digital reach is gained with Traditional marketing& Branding. Yes, there are many much but These both are major factors. And I’ve written a blog on them already. So just click on their names.

Truth is I also Prefer you to Go Digital. Its easy, cheap and effective. Plus there’s no rule that you can’t do both. You can easily start both.

My Tip of the Day

Remember: Customers are real people

I repeat, Customers are Real people. Not Stereotypes.

You have to give them reason, Why they act, think& lead their lives the way they do. Give personal& emotional touch. We will not face this problem much. Because Our Target audience definition is a bit different from other: Giving right product, to right people in a right way. Go deep with this line. I’m sure, you will feel benefit.

To-Do list

  • Define Target Narrowly& Think like them.✔
  • Get Data about them& Go deep with it.✔
  • Know what they do, How they feel doing it& What they do to relax.✔
  • Make a Website or E-shop.✔
  • Define your social platform.✔
  • Get a paper right now and answer your Who, Why, When, Where and How.✔✔

Enough for a day. Happy working. Namaste!

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