Presentation skills in Business: What, When.

How to Improve.

Good sides and Limitations.

[Today we are going so deep. So take a breath, be ready And Learn the causes].

Let me tell you an incident happen with Rob.

18 year old Rob is an young Entrepreneur. He provides service of Logo designs. He is not much experienced, but He works O.k. Like he is improving himself quickly and consistently. One day He sees John, a small bakery shop owner somewhere on social media. He noticed that John has very low quality logo. Rob thinks he can help John and earn,

What does Rob need the most at talking with John?

  • Designing Skills [❌]
  • Communication Skills [❌]
  • Presentation Skills [✔]

We learnt,

Yes, he needs all skills. But acc. to situation, he needs presentation skills at the most. Presenting& Explaining How some Logo’s were poor before& How gorgeous they are Now. Presenting How you can help customer efficiently is so important.

If we see another 2 options, he don’t need designing skills at getting orders. And communication skill is a part of presentation skills. So also it is not accurate answer at all.

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FAQ session: just to clear vision.

When presentation skills works?

Only when, you have something to present. If your product is not good, it won’t work at all.

What is an Example of presentation skills?

A plant shop owner Dru has some plants like Peace Lily& Spider plant, which purifies Air and works better than Air cleaner and conditioners.

But people are unaware of it. So, Dru has started showing results of his clients. Dru also shows with decorative purpose. Started Demo service and customer caring service. And he had also taken some unspeakable steps, which worked very nice. These are all good Presentation skills symptom.

Image of a man with nice presentation skills.

How to improve Presentation Skills

I’m showing Some simple Hacks that you can apply right now. Now we are going to see some Cause Factors. Because normal reasons like step-1 nd step-2 will not work actually. In business we need to see something much in right way. So, Just have potential for it.

Know pros and cons of your product

The reason behind it is, If you don’t perfectly know about pros and cons, you can not know whom to serve what. 1st you need to beware that you need to know more about your product, because either you will always feel like i know about this. And Easy way to know about Pros& Cons, you should try your product to trustable person. And make a list of Cons& Pros on a Paper.

Remember:- Presentation is Not about Showing off. Presentation is sharing right content to right people in a right way.

Learn to taste their mood

I mean you should know[find], Whether he is coming to buy, just coming to get Info. Or he is unsure about what to buy/where to buy Etc. Just talk to them and figure it out. Even you should find out his capacity, taste. And prepare yourself for it Because your turn is already started. So Keep playing well.

Decoration& showing-off

Believer or not, this is playing very very huge role. Advertising& the most of Digital business are running through this concept. In fact mostly we also enter to shop just looking this factors.

Basically, you have to create a comfortable atmosphere which suits your product and customers.Furniture, cleanlines, look, your response, dress-up Etc. should be managed well. Because unconsciously it works very good. I always prefer to give an Example of McDonalds. You know its show-off. It is Fantastic job.

Small Tip fir Digital Shop, Site or Blog:- You have to take more care of your decoration and show-off. Because in physical shop you can talk with them and maintain. Here you have to just write once, and everybody will read same. So beware with your site’s Look, Mobile-friendliness, Heading, Content, Images, Speed, Information of product Etc. I’ve told very fast, but if you’re serious then you should note down on paper. If you work on this small things, it will lead you to huge difference. A very huge difference!

I’ve talked about 3 tools for branding here.

Communication Skill

It is very important to learn for you. How to talk with customer, what is communication, how to deal, what to take care of…everything you should learn. I’ve very deeply talked about communication Skills here. You will be in same blog. Just another post.

Be prepared

You need to be prepared before your turn arrives, I mean before meeting with customers or clients. You should have accurate knowledge of product for it& we also discussed about it. Make a plan of your selling, products& set a Goal. You can also practice how you will welcome, introduce, share some incidents, facts or stories Etc.

Mark it, the most you will need is preparation. So, figure out what you will prepare and How you will make it happen.


Once you learn what you need to do& How you will make it happen, Even you’ve a good plan to present you also have a knowledge…Now do you think you’re expert in presentation?-No you aren’t.

Suppose, (1) I gather knowledge about swimming and (2) I actually start swimming. Can you spot difference between this 2?

Yes, That’s the Difference between you learn about skill and you practice it. When I started blogging, I feel like i know everything, but I keep realizing there’s much more to learn here. You gonna learn this skill best with practice.

We’ve discussed What is communication skills and Why is it important. We also seen 6 cool ways to improve communication skills. Let’s talk about Benefits and Limitations.

Presentation skills image. Idea and innovation image.
Look twice.

Benefit& Limitation of Presentation skills

Let’s talk about Benefit 1st.

Benefit of presentation skills

If you want to know benefits of presentation skills, Ask somebody who owns a business& don’t know how to present product.

Look, presentation is just a word, actually it is a process of Showing right product to right people in a right way. So, Biggest benefit of presentation skills is You can show what you want and you can hide If you want. It means If you’re product is not much better, still you can sell it easily.

If Chance of selling product is 85%, Presentation may add 15%, 25% or -15%.

Fact is question of asking for benefit is wrong. Because there’s no way to refuse presentation. Look, You bought or made product. Why?- To present in front of customers! and To sell! Its like you go to picnic. Why?- To Enjoy! To Explore some new ways! You don’t need to ask why should I enjoy? Lol. It’s just like that.

Limitation of Presentation skills

Limitation is Presentation is Limited itself. It’s not everything. In our business, nothing is everything except business itself. But yes, product is the most important. Because If product is useless, doesn’t matter How best you present, Its worthless. For Ex. you’ve shit. Now you present it best. But so what? You’re presenting Shit at all!

After product big challenge is marketing. I’ve written plenty of Blogs on marketing. Choose anyone and read it.

Limitation is presentation skills is just to present!

Make sure you have finished speaking before your audience has finished listening.

Dorothy sarnoff

My Tip for the Blog

Increasing Awareness method

You need great awareness to give your best at the time.You’ve practiced much, you’ve prepared much. So, you need fine output. Awareness is a state that can help you with it. Figure out some tricks, some Hacks and understanding for it. I’m going deep in next blog. Find a way to get in touch here, to stay updated.

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To-Do List

  • Choose some friends and try your product on them.
  • Learn some Stories and Facts related to your content.
  • Follow some big or creative brands which are doing good in your industry.
  • Learn communication skill.
  • Write your plan on paper. Also include time and place.
  • You’re ready to Start practice!

So, today we read a Story, 2 basic FAQ, we also learnt 6 ways to improve presentation skills. We seen pros and cons for it. I’ve also shared my tip for the blog. And at last, I provided To-Do list. Happy working!


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