Let’s Discuss Practical way of How to Start a Business on social media.

Imagine Saif is an Accordion player. He is playing Accordion since 8yrs. This is time to share his Expertise with others. So, Saif has created a website where he’ll offer affordable Online classes to beginners through Short videos& Digital books. Saif’s Mission is to show his Students that anybody can learn to play Accordion at their home. But 1st he needs some Actual Students to sign-up for Lessons.

How can Saif get Students to Sign-up for Accordion lesson?

  • Jest Relax. Student will eventually Sign-up for lessons.[❌]
  • Create a Social media account& wait for Students to Sign-up for lessons.[❌]
  • Create a Social media account& Start posting on it to encourage Students to Sign-up for lessons.[ ✔]

You Learnt…

Saif should Probably get on Social media& Start posting. More& more people are Discovering businesses via their favorite social media platforms, So having a profile for your business& being Live there, is a Great way to connect with customers& start Business on social media.

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Namaste Friends,

It’s time to Learn How to start a Business on social media. I’m guessing you’ve already seen or heard about it. So, there’s no benefit in just Peptalk..Today we’ll do something Deep, something Exact. 1st I tell you, I’m gonna tell you How to start a Business on Social media. Its not about How to Earn on social media. Ya, I know End goal of business is Earning. But today I’m going to teach you in a view, where you have at least Product or Information to sell.

Don’t worry about If i can sell this or not…don’t worry. Because, If you know singing, wherever you can Sing. Same If you know selling, wherever you can Sell. So, Now I will talk about What& How to do. So, Be focused& Stay Tuned because, 1topic will lead you to another. Let’s Start without wasting a moment. 1st…

Make sure about your product

Doesn’t matter if you are selling on Social media, Google, E-shop or Physical shop, this is the Base rule for Business startup. You have to research about Product/Information. See, whom& how can it Help. Also think, why it is purchasable. For Ex. If you are selling Informations then its ok but, If you are selling Products then make sure You have good Supply channel because Suppose you get big orders, you should be able to supply products.

Think about All I’ve mentioned above. You won’t get Answer in 1st time. Observe your product, market and also look at people, who are already doing this. According to Survey, 42% of Business Fails, because there’s no need of their product in Market. So, If you make sure about your Product, your Success Chances Increases at 42%. Its very huge.

If you’re Done with it then you should Look forward. Now, Your product is ready to Sell. But, whom will you sell? Your Buyers/Audience are using Specific Social Media. So…

Decide your Social media platform

Your audience isn’t using every Social media platform. They are using Specific platforms, which is beneficial for them. For Ex. Business Owners are mostly Active on LinkedIn. And in our case, you already know your Target audience because we’ve discussed above. So, you can easily decide which Social media platform is Good for you. Look, this is not a big thing to decide platform, but if you don’t…then it will be very big issue.

If we go back to Saif an Accordion player& teacher, He is using Facebook& Instagram. Because, his Target audience is youth of 16-34. And they are also music lovers. Mostly they are following Raj Kapoor and Christina Hendricks.

Decide your platform. Crocodiles are King in water, not in land.

Once you Decide it, Now you have to Show your product/info. Because, you will show it, then people will see it and Feel it. Then they can be your Customer. I’m giving you link to Online Marketing tips for Small business, Also written by me.

Present your product with Plan

If you want to start a Business on social media, You must have this quality. And the quality is Planning. Now, I’m giving you a small Lecture. Its just tips, you have to keep in mind. So, just look at it Fast and move further.

You must have proper plan to share on Social media. 1 post per day is Ok. Use proper# . For ex. Around 4# on LinkedIn and 15# Instagram works better. Yes, also keep your business account separate from personal one. In your Profile, atleast some post should give proper Information about your work. In short, You just be Relevant and Consistent there.

Give Link to your Profile/Website in every post.

So friends, this was just a lecture, there was nothing to play with Logic. But, now we are thinking about, How to make people feel our Product. Because Once they feel it, then 100% it will be sold. Im going to tell you something, you just think a psychological reason behind it. And also make strategy for yours.

Feel your Product

I start with an Example. Let’s see How Saif an Accordion teacher has setup his posts and account. He knows posts with Images has higher engagement rates than those without. He wants to market his beginners lessons at home. So, he has photographs of his Accordion in living room. Also, photographs of giving lessons to her sister, wearing teenager clothes. Every Images are Hd, and all has very very good background. He has also made some Short-Videos, of playing Accordion. Now, He is getting very Fine Resopnse.

Think about what kind of Photos will best Showcase your products. Do you want photos of your products in front of background, in action Or zoomed in on details? How can you use visual themes to Resonate with customers? Always make sure, 1 single pic should not irritate your whole Brand voice. Do you Know, Color and themes are Superb Important, it works instantly.

Tips for Post:-

Think what kind of voice will present your Brand voice. See what kind of post will listen to your Audience to your Audience’s likes, interests& passions. And you will learn and improve it with practice. So Make sure, Every post is not about buying something. For ex. Saif also posts about some Best Accordion players& their videos.

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This is a nice way to get your reach early. If you have a nice budget, then you can try it. You can promote or advertise your posts on Different media.If you have good plan, then it would be easy for you. But You shouldn’t promote your post until you have good theme and posts. Yes, you can promote, but you will get less customers than your Target. So, make better posts and target better.

Make Relationships better. Because it leads to trust and trust leads to best customers.

I’m giving you complete guide Link about Facebook ads and Instagram ads of Buffer’s Blog. Google is also very great, but now we stick on the topic. And it is How to start a Business on Social media, not Google. I’ve told about How to grow local business, there I’ve discussed a bit about Google. I hope you learnt something cool.

My Tip for the Blog

People Use social media not just to talk with friends, but they also stay Up to date on news, entertain themselves& discover brands. Acc. to Google, a study found that 62% of people were more interested in a brand after seeing it on social media. So, its very huge and game changing platform. Be personal and Start doing best!

To Do List

  • Create a Business Account.
  • Learn& Discover more about your products.
  • Again Lean.
  • Check and Improve vision with Bloggeraayu.
  • Take Products Photos.
  • Plan a schedule for posting.
  • Search best advertising for your product, on your platform.
  • Just start doing, You will keep growing with time.


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