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Category Secret of skill

Do you Know Secret of Skill?

Secret of skills which people try to learn for routine life as well as business. It will Improve your skill around 80%. So why you are waiting to learn? Let’s Learn secret of every skills.

Let’s start from here.

Communication skills in business

Marketing strategies for startup

How to grow local business
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Ultimate Design Thinking: #2 of Business Skills

In Design thinking, we are going to see 9+Main topics and 23+Mini topics, In short today we will cover almost everything of Design thinking. So let’s Start!

Reflective listening: #1 of Business Skills

Ever been watching a movie when someone’s trying to talk to you in person? You can probably hear them but you might not be able to listen them.

How to increase Awareness immediately: 5 Hacks

In last blog, I promised to give some tricks to be Live. So today let’s talk about How to increase awareness immediately.

Presentation Skills: Accurate 13 Mini learns for Business

We are going to see What, When, How, Pros& Cons of presentation skills in business. Let’s start with an incident happen with Rob.

How to sell in 1st time: New Experienced view

How to sell someone whom you just meet ? Let’s start with a story. Terry is a writer& bookseller. She owns some Comic books written by her.

Business Networking: What, How & All you want

Let’s start learning business networking with a story. I’m telling you incident of Emily. Emily, Just opened her shop “Emites”. Its a startup that creates paper crafts.

Business funding for Startups: What, How& Alternative.

Business funding for Startups. Today I’ll answer 1.How to manage business funding? 2.What are sources to get funding? 3.What is an Alternative option?

How to start a Business on social media: Impressive Idea

Let’s Discuss Practical way to Start a Business on social media. Imagine Saif is an Accordion player. He is playing Accordion since 8yrs. This is time to share his Expertise with others..

How to Set Business Goals: 5 Mins.to Vision (part-1)

Let’s Discuss How to Set Business Goals. *Gru is sitting at his home at Tulsa. College for Business startup & management is over. Now, He is thinking to start a business. He has got his Interest in Clothing Industry, And now…

Online Marketing Tips for small business: New Starter Hack

Once I seen a survey, And it was like this…If you use Online Platform for business, You will be able to Save 52% of your Money. So, Im presenting Online Marketing Tips for small business to make most of your money.

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