How to sell someone?

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Let’s start with a story.

Terry is a writer& bookseller. She owns some Comic books written by her. She also publish it in some book sites and now decides to start marketing in social media. And she starts an Instagram account. She posts regularly about some comics, some short stories from her books, about great comic writers& characters.

One day, A student Joy message her. He likes reading books.

To sell her books to Joy, what her 1st approach should be?

  • Ask him to buy directly.[❌]
  • Talk about any bla-bla topics.[❌]
  • Talk something related to comic and know his interest.[ ✔]

You learnt,

Obviously you have to know 1st if he may buy your product or not Because you have to think further on the base of this convo. you did.

If you talk about any bla-bla, it may closer you both guys for while, but most of cases at last it proves worthless. And if we see 1st option, Never ask to buy anybody just directly. Now, let’s learn some basics of How to sell.

Let’s talk about some secret weapons to sell someone.

Know about that person

Yes! I told this ago also. Because it’s very important, so i thought i should mention it again. If you don’t know about the person you meet, you can’t serve him properly. You must know what that guy may need or what may beneficial for him.

Let’s think about How to know about him.

You can Politely ask about his work, experiences or some interested topics[which also mean to you]. Always Tell them some interested incidents and stories. You can also check his profile and see what he likes, posts, follows etc. 1 thing i like to mention is Try to be proper about your product. you must know its value[value doesn’t mean cost].

Last but not least, Whatever i told is a part of Communication Skills, I’ve learnt it with practice And you’ll also do the Same. Lol.

Selling is Essentially a transfer of feelings.

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Make sure:-

You can never know exactly how that person likes& wants. So whatever you try to share with him, always prefer to have an option. Suppose, If he doesn’t want to buy my book right now, I will just make him follow me or I will offer him something Free.

Explain: Why this product

You aren’t just selling products, you’re also selling Comfort. And you know how valuable comfort is. So 1st recheck the value of products yourself. Then you have to explain them in a very calm way.

I’m sharing you some clues step-by-step.

You can divide your customers in 2parts.

(1.)Who knows& already interested in these(yours) kind of products. (2.)Who hasn’t much idea and not much intention to buy.

You need different strategy for Each. Fun is you already know who comes in what category. Why?- because you already know about that person, you talked to them. I just mentioned above. Let’s see about these.

Jeff Bezos quote. Jeff bezos on how to sell.
When Bezos said

1.Who Knows about your product

They are specific about their choice. You need to show them exact about your product. I think, I write it by would be easy to read.

  • Show what is this product& how it can be beneficial. Also tell some Facts or Experience with this product.
  • Share Rates, Services, Offers, Payment options Etc.
  • You need to answer them Why you? Why not anybody else.
  • You need Good presentation skill.

There’s much more here. We can dig too much. For that you can join my Strategic Guide program. And If you work hard, you can learn self with time also. Let’s talk about another one.

2. Who is unknown Or less interested

They are not specific. Let’s see what can we basically do.

  • Asking their needs and interests directly, is a good way.
  • They want comfort from product. Make sure your product is able of it. So tell them some experiences with this product.
  • It would be Fine if you provide Short piece or Demo.

You aren’t even sure if they are your customers Or they want something else. So Be live& share according to need.

My Tip:– If they are still not interested at all, just tell them to connect with you on any social media platform. It may work for you.

FAQ section

Can i sell everybody whom I meet ?

Honestly No, you can’t. If you’re too good at presentation, you’re product is also great, prize, value all are O.K. Then you may have big chance for it. But it can never be 100%.

In apple store, people visit& some of them buy. It is world’s biggest brand though everybody don’t buy.

Why shouldn’t I ask for buy immediatly?

If you do, you’re asking them to Act without developing their trust& knowledge. So, It has higher chances to get failed.

When should I start asking to buy?

Truth is there is no rule. It depends on How your buyer is. You will learn this with practice.

Now what I’m going to tell is 2 Magic keys of selling, who works awesome. You can sell easily if you have this. You have to focus on both.

Gain Trust

Trust is unconscious feeling of comfortance. Every big brand& business you see, are succeeded in gaining this feeling of comfort in people’s mind. Its for sure, Once you have got trust, product is sold. So, you have to Figure out How you will gain trust. This is an Amazing mind game, you can learn it self.

Being Brand

In my opinion, You don’t have to worry about selling instantly. You have to worry about How can I keep more and more selling after 5 yrs also. Branding is the best way for it. I’ve talked about 3 tools for branding.

Have you Ever thought why McDonalds burger are sold more in world? Branding is the biggest answer of this que. Look at its statue guy Ronald McDonalds, cleanliness, colors, service, logo Etc. If you see closely, Buyer has bought Mcd’s food in their mind, before entering in shop. This is very big Example of branding.

If you can’t Tell awesome, you can’t Sell awesome.

My Tip

Presentation skill

In my opinion, It is very very important. Doesn’t matter if you’re an entrepreneur, student or whatever you must know this. It is some time more important than product itself. My Intention was just to remind you this name, we’ll go in deep some other day. If you want to read it, you can read this blog on presentation skills written by skillsyouneed. Other way to learn is to Join my strategic program. You will get an opportunity to talk 1 on 1 with experienced.

If you maintain this all, then you have chance to sell in 1st time.


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