Let’s see Step-by-step about business networking. I’ll answer,

  • What is Business Networking and Why you need it?
  • How to do Business Networking?
  • Business Networking groups and To-Do List.

Namaste friends,

I’m telling you incident of Emily.

Emily, just opened “Emites“. Its a start-up that creates custom airborne paper craft for people& companies around the Globe. Emily is Hulk in her paper& string work. But she concerns about Opening her own business. She’s wondering about things like getting the material to make so many kites, hiring employees, finding new customers& selling etc. Emily has heard there are some industry groups she can join to meet other people who might have some advice for her. But she’s new to this.

How should Emily view contacts When she approaches other professionals?

  • Like her Direct customers.[❌]
  • As potential customers and clients that can just lead to new sales.[❌]
  • As new relationships that can develop to become even more helpful overtime.[ ✔]

You learnt,

Making new professional contacts has a lot more value when both people see it as a relationship that will grow overtime. If Emily focuses on building strong connections, she& her network can help each other now and into the future.

business networking image. Digital Networking. Networking All around the world.

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FAQ session. To make vision clear.

What is Business networking example?

Example: Fashion blogger Ramez meets some tattoo artists, makeup artists and dressing experts on LinkedIn. And he Makes a group where they can share each others interested and potential clients.

Why Business Netowrking is important?

Why relatives& relationships are important in life? Same here. Relatives means your networking is important in business. Funny thing is as life, also in business you should keep distance from wrong connections. Lol.

When should I think for Business Networking?

You don’t have to think for it. By default when you Enter in industry, relation(network) is made itself. As relations are made in routine life. But its in your hand to get in touch with useful and encouraging people.

Where I have to network my business and Where not?

Look, we don’t make network with only co-industrians or who are your customers. We build network with owners, managers, workers, audiences Etc. In short Network means all you meet and know.

So unknowingly we make network at all. So, your query should be What should My approach when I meet different people. And that is the right answer.

Now, I believe your concept is much time better. You know what is business networking. Let’s go on How.

Business networking image. Networking group image.

How to do Business Networking

Developing a network may be valuable. But it isn’t always easy. Fortunately some simple steps can be helpful to you. Make a plan to get yourself out there.

Let’s see Step-by-step. Although this is not 100%. But believe me, this is gonna kill it. Who don’t know this proper steps, he/she can understand real value of it.


Commit to Build a Network.

It might intimidating to have conversations with people you’ve never met, But it’s empowering to think of all the great things you can learn from new contacts. It can also help you to decide minimum amount of time to dedicate to networking [for ex. 1hr]. Commit You will work Honestly in that hour, Because it will make a big change.

Your Network is your Net worth.



Decide your platform.

Although you can make your network on any network But, you have to choose a platform which gives you Most benefits and Least loss. Know what platform your audience and your competitors use. Because you have to connect with right peoples.

Once you’ve decided to make network…You’ve also decided your platform..Now? Now You’ve to go, meet and talk! Obviously, you’ve to talk and build your network.


Communication Skill

Wait! You’ve decided to talk. But do you have Fantastic communication skills? If you are doing business networking you must know Communication skills. Because if you don’t know what & how to share knowledge with different people, It would be very hard to you. I’ve deeply told about Secret of Communication skills with customers.

Funny thing is You can’t learn communication skills without practice. And for practice you must have to talk with people. So, It is a cycle. You need both. So, just Enter in this cycle. Just start talking and meeting with people, you will make mistakes and try to solve mistakes. Then Automatically you will start learning. Plus, Networking will be done!

The currency of real networking is not greed but generosity.

Keith ferrazzi

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So Now, I’m Sharing some cool Knowledge in Points. This is not any Bla bla. So try to think reason behind it. Because I can’t share everything right here. You have to be your driver.

Easy Points for Business Networking.

  • Choose right group.
  • Politely Introduce yourself.
  • Discuss Topics with people and make connection.
  • Sometime you will feel like chat is going wrong side. Just learn from this.
  • Ask questions and listen.
  • Be ready for your turn.
  • Talk to people who are sitting Alone or silent.
  • Learn to Move on.

And All i Want to say is…

  • Just Start. You will learn all with Time and Space.
Business networking image. Mysterious image for networking.
Look Carefully. This image is Mysterious

Hey Yes! I was gonna give you some name of Business groups. Let’s do it. Insureon Has suggested some Business group names. I show some names here.

Business networking groups
  1. Your local chamber of commerce
  2. Score
  3. Entrepreneurs’ Organization
  4. Young Entrepreneurs Council
  5. Rotary Club International

Link for this Groups and details are in This Article of Insureon.

My Tip for the Blog

You can bring your friend or buddy to Networking place. You can share things you learn with them and have them help you stay focused on your goals. Plus, it can be nice to see a familiar face. But don’t spend the whole time talking to them: Remember, you are out to expand your circle.

To Do List

  1. Find an Industry you want to Network with.
  2. Make short list to learn from your Network.
  3. Set a Goal- How much time you will spend for this.
  4. Find a way for new contacts to reach you.
  5. Make a list of professional& non-professional organizations in your industry.
  6. A list of Blogs and Publications.
  7. Find somebody to mentor you or help you. To connect with me, Go to my Digital guidance program and have trial.

Now you are Ready to do Business Networking. Come on! And Start your journey. Wish you all the very best.


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