How to do a business with no money ?

What is affiliate marketing ?

Hey friends, Let’s Read a cool business success story.

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There was a girl named Agnes .She did much work in coffee industry like helping in a coffee bar ,test checker in a tea making factory. She has very less money…So she thought she should start a business .

What do you think….what she should do ?

Should she ask coffee shop owner to sell her products ?


Should she start her own coffee shop ?

Do you really know?coffee can decrease type 2 diabetes chances at 17% .Read business success story more.
Let’s grow knowledge.

Whatever she did…We can call it as Affiliate marketing .Let’s see…

She went to a physician Gru .Actually Gru is specialist for diabetes .As we know…coffee is beneficial for type 2-diabetes .So…she gave him an offer .Offer was looking like this…Gru will send a customer to Agnes for coffee and in return Agnes will give 20% of coffee.

Does Agnes have coffee shop ? NO, right?…So how can she provide coffee?Wht u think?

This side Agnes made a deal with shopkeeper Edith .She asked her to make a coffee which should be maintained level of sugar…proteins…and more.Agnes made a deal with Edith .Deal was like this…Edith will pay Agnes for 17% of every customer’s shopping .

So…now Agnes’s car is in 4th gear.She also did same like this with more shopkeepers and physicians .

Who’s benefit is in this ? – Everybody’s

How?…shopkeeper will get more traffic….more customer….and physicians will get their results better because their customers will get good results .

Simple question

Can’t people make coffee theirself at home ? if YEA…then y people need Agnes..and coffee-shopkeepers. GIVE YOUR VIEWS IN COMMENTS .

Yea…they can make..but is it only ? They only drink coffee ? no more…?

So..Agnes thought this and started even more meals in shops with coffee…it’s simple solution .

Now…Agnes also do home delivery by home service apps .

Let’s see….

  • Money Investment – 00
  • Need – Good communication skill and nice knowledge


If you want to start a business with no money…then you should try affiliate marketing .It’s a very good way .YA there is a lot of ideas should be done…You always should find a GAP in market…as Agnes did.

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So Friends…it’s our business success story and learn of today…c u in the next blog …Babai

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