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How to get potential customers : Clean Data

Hey friends.

Today we are going to learn deeply how to get potential customers.

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What to do ? :-

Remember this 3 steps.we will discuss really deeply on it.


Face to Face information.
Spread knowledge through E-mails and Social media.
Knowledge through your brand identity.


Content is King.-Bill gates
Start something new and gain experience.
Be experimental.

Don’t tell.Just Share

Know your customers.
Know his interest and his capacity.
Don’t force sell.
Either he must be satisfy or known very well by your shop or site.

Yea guys…We have seen What to do…If you want to see directly How to do you can scroll down.

Why should follow these steps ?:-

You will know its imp. in this Image .Look at this Image closely.

Why Share ? Why not to tell ?

Yes it was a clean overview . Let’s see the When portionDon’t forget our main question is How to get potential customers ? [After when and where portion ].

When will you get results ? :-

What if you don’t get results ?

It means you need to increase doing all these steps…may be you have marketing issue ,may be product issue and may be selling issue. You will only know your issue by experience…so work and gain experience.

I hope you have read What section of this Blog [if don’t scroll up]…again friend Our actual question is How to get potential customers…and where to improve is a part of this question.

Where can i improve ? :-

  1. You can spread knowledge about your product or site through marketing.
  2. Work on Brand logo ,tagline. Show them on Social media.
  3. Show your customer review on Social media.
  4. Always prefer to give right knowledge when customer is in front of you.

  1. Start making a strategy on a paper .You should have plan from production to sell and even for customer care.
  2. Make a website or online store to reach customers worldwide.

McDonald’s an American brand is known very well for its hamburgers .But Actually and unconsciously we all know it for its Cleanliness ,Good and Relax atmosphere and its statue Ronald.

  1. Prefer a social media .Everything you can share on LinkedIn ,Pinterest ,Instagram .
  2. Share from your bio , images and videos.
  3. You can count success by mostly comments you get and Shares your post gets.

Survey says Successful Sharing happens at Attractive view ,Decorated places and Fine atmosphere.

Ok friends it is enough for Where portion .Let’s see….How to get potential customers ?

It will be a better idea if you haven’t read WHAT portion…then scroll up and come back here swiftly 😉

How to do these ? :-

Grow their knowledge

  1. Tell stories.
  2. Share your or someone’s Experience and Views about product.
  3. Give them Tricks to use products.

Benefit Of Face 2 Face talking is You can Share that things easily…Which is hard to Share in Written.

  1. Blog is one of the Best to share through Digital marketing .It is a source of a Right information for your product or content.
  2. Social media influencers can also advertise your product If you give them Offer or pay them.
  3. Pinterest and Instagram are really good if you want to share Images.

TRENDING POINT :- In Instagram and pinterest Meme marketing is really in Trends .You can Share your product and content information by Memes .

Improve brand base/content

We will see Step by Step How to improve brand’s actual content.

Choose which Tagline Includes your Business’s Best or Main work.

There is something special in every brand .If you don’t know Find or Make it.

For example

A good coffee shop should have Well colored walls ,Coffee cup and other tools are well designed…Table shape ,A special tool which is don’t used most of the shops in city.

Name of should be unique and easy to read….Like Apple ,Joyalukkas . For amazing information you can enter here .

A Wise advise about Content :-

Gift Tip for You

Your Gift tip is Swift sell.

Swift sell

Conclusion :-

We have discussed these 3 steps where to do…how to do…and more.

So guys .I hope it’s clear .If you have read closely…You have solved a question like How to get potential customers?

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