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Month June 2020

Business Negotiation: All you need to Prepare

If once you have planted plant..You have to Care it. Give it Ideal Sunshine.Enough water. Specific Land and Fresh Air is also needed. Business Negotiation is just like it. There are 3 plants. (1)You (2)Negotiation Partner (3)People. You need to take care of all.

How to Set Business Goals: 5 Mins.to Vision (part-1)

Let’s Discuss How to Set Business Goals. *Gru is sitting at his home at Tulsa. College for Business startup & management is over. Now, He is thinking to start a business. He has got his Interest in Clothing Industry, And now…

Online Marketing Tips for small business: New Starter Hack

Once I seen a survey, And it was like this…If you use Online Platform for business, You will be able to Save 52% of your Money. So, Im presenting Online Marketing Tips for small business to make most of your money.

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